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Self-discovery is the first step to unleashing your best self and transforming your relationships!

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Hey there badass! 

Do you ever struggle with balancing your fierce sense of self and need for independence with nurturing deep meaningful connections? 

Then you’re in the right place and let me tell you right now, you are not alone in this!

I want to help you embrace both your autonomy and your heart's desire for connection and belonging.

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and relationship growth?

This practical workbook is carefully curated to guide you through powerful self-reflection to gain clarity and confidence. 

Use that to take intentional action towards becoming your best self and forging meaningful deep connections.

Through mindful reflection, you will:

Identify subconscious patterns holding you back

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Understand your unique relationship needs & dynamics

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Build self-awareness so you can take purposeful action

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And so much more!

It's a journey of embracing your authentic self so you can build extraordinary connections filled with acceptance, love and adventure on your terms. When you know yourself deeply, you can show up authentically as your best self in all areas of your life.

Remember, personal development is about continuous growth. This workbook is a fantastic first step, enabling you to identify which areas to celebrate your growth in and which to focus on developing next.

The Self-Discovery Workbook Experience

Hear from these fabulously ambitious people what their experience was going through the workbook.

“The self-discovery workbook is really powerful. It's deep work, but seeing how far I have come with self-acceptance was deeply reassuring. I definitely feel more confident and validated after putting a number to my growth in the self-assessment.

Zoe has created a really beautiful self-guided journey of discovery here and I know others will benefit from doing this work, whether they want clarity on where to go next or a fresh perspective of how far they’ve already come.

I loved the thoughtful, clearly formulated questions and prompts, and the layout and presentation felt really right for this kind of work."

Sarah C

“Zoe’s self-discovery workbook encouraged me to reflect on my life again and uncovered areas of my personal development that I can still work on. 

Although I’ve already done my share of self-reflection and personal growth, the thoughtful, specific questions were super valuable. They challenged me to stop overthinking and get even clearer on things like my top 3 core values.."

Liisa V

Zoe’s intentional and empowering approach encouraged me to consider what’s most important for me in my relationships. I found the questions useful for promoting self-reflection and insight into my relationship journey.

I highly recommend this tool for anyone who wants to deepen their self-awareness and work on building fulfilling relationships.

Laila H

What's Included in the Workbook

Number 1

Module 1: Your Relationship with Yourself

Reflect on your self-talk, values, strengths, and growth areas. Gain clarity on your needs.

15 Questions
Number 2

Module 2: Your Current/Past Relationships 

Assess previous relationship patterns and lessons learned. Evolve your priorities.

14 Questions
Number 3

Module 3: Your Relationship Goals & Dreams

Envision your ideal connections. Set milestones aligned with your bigger life vision.

18 Questions

Each module includes thoughtful prompts to guide you in diving deep.
This isn't about quick fixes. It's about building self-awareness so you know which areas to prioritise for personal growth.

Become the most powerful, loving version of yourself!

Zoe West Coaching profile

Hi, I'm Zoe.
I'll be guiding you through the workbook.

As a self-discovery coach, I help people like you embrace both your autonomous sides and their desires for deeper emotional connections. My coaching guides you through self-reflection so you can connect with your core needs and values.

I had to discover the value of self-discovery the hard way after hitting rock bottom and losing my sense of self. It allowed me to forge my own path though and in time, forge healthy deep connections that truly serve me.

Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom. Invest in your self-awareness and self-love journey today to bring out your best qualities and enjoy your life to the fullest.

What fellow badass humans shared about Zoe West Coaching

Zoe is non-judgemental - she really holds the space for you to work through what you’re feeling and thinking, being patient and calm.
She has helped me step into my feminine flow and into my body more, and it’s this work that has made the biggest shift for me in dealing with my relationship and life anxiety.

Tapping/EFT has also been a really unique part of my coaching experience with Zoe, and has made a big difference.
Zoe's tapping recording has really helped me. Her voice is so calming & friendly! Her statements really hit home for me & really voiced my fears & issues. It's like she was in my head & knew exactly what to say!

I felt much calmer & grounded after using the recording & felt my stress levels around the subiect drop. Thanks Zoe!
Lottie, client of Zoe West Coaching
Zoe is really attentive and provides a safe and nice space to help you and really listens. She supported me during a really hard time and gave me tips and inspirational tools that helped me view things differently.

I would definitely recommend her services.
Stephanie, client of Zoe West Coaching
Tapping certainly is powerful and transformational. It made me confront the disturbances that was indeed distressing. Zoe mediated extremely well between 'Myself' and 'The obstacles'. Her statements were strong and substantial. The shift is so real.

She creates a wonderful space for sharing feelings and encourages to talk freely. Thank You.

Frequently asked questions

Why do self-reflection instead of just taking action?
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Self-awareness is the foundation. Without understanding your authentic needs and patterns, your actions won’t lead to meaningful change in the direction you want. Reflection reveals where to take action.

I'm scared of what I'll uncover about myself.
Is that normal?
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Absolutely. Also, uncovering our stories and patterns can be incredibly empowering. Once you’ve identified your narrative, you can then rewrite it from a place of self-love.

What if I get emotional while journaling?
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Honour whatever comes up. This is deep personal work. Be gentle with yourself and take breaks as needed. Consider signing up for the Voxer support to get personalised guidance as you fill out the workbook.   [link to Voxer offer] 

How long will this take?
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Go at your own pace. No need to rush self-discovery! At the same time, trust your first answer and talk to me before dwelling on a question for days.

This isn’t something you can easily fill out on your train ride to work. It will require some dedicated focus time - remember, your growth matters more than speed. 

Expect at least a few focused sessions to work through the questions and process them thoughtfully.


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