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A powerful self-discovery guidebook for the ambitious go-getter.

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Step into a world where personal growth and
self-awareness converge


Why go on this self-discovery journey?

A fresh take on building self-awareness so you can cultivate a life of intention and purpose


Unique exercises and tailoured tapping meditations bring you clarity and solidify your sense-of-self.


Your confidence will be strengthened by the deep understanding of who you are and what you need.


With that new-found clarity and confidence, you'll be able to intentionally build a life that honours your most badass self.

What's special about this self-help book?

This guidebook is a dedicated companion for your voyage to a more authentic, confident, and fulfilled self.

  • Unique exercises & impactful EFT tapping meditations
  • Designed to empower you to take meaningful action towards a loving and fulfilling life
  • Unlock the clarity and confidence in your self, so you can foster a life of intention and purpose

“The thoughtful, specific questions were super valuable. They challenged me to stop overthinking and get even clearer on things like my top 3 core values.”

Liisa V.

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What does the guidebook cover?

Uncovering your relationship with yourself

Look inward and uncover your true values, beliefs and needs.

With greater clarity comes greater confidence. You’ll need that to craft your life with love and intention.

Custom tapping meditations

Connect with your body and subconscious mind for deeper insights.

The tapping meditations will also help you get unstuck, clearing any resistances that might come up during your self-discovery journey.

Integrating your insights

Dedicated journal pages will help you recognise patterns in your life, connect to your goals and celebrate your growth.

Use journalling as a way of turning those fleeting thoughts into intentional actions.

Bringing more love and freedom to people's lives.


Journal-sized, to fit effortlessly in your handbag and take to the park or your favourite café.

uniquely challenging

Carefully curated questions & exercises to challenge you & bring a fresh perspective

ADHD friendly

Just enough structure to keep you focused, without becoming too big of a commitment.

i can't wait to get started!
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about zoe west

Why learn from me?

Bringing you love & freedom

My mission is to bring you more love and freedom in life and love.

To do that, I focus on giving you the tools and support to grow your self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-love. I take a holistic approach, integrating cognitive, somatic and energetic practices to bring you long-lasting results.

My clients have enjoyed deepening their understanding of themselves, clearing self-doubt and old unhelpful narratives along the way. 

This added clarity and support has brought them the confidence they needed to take action towards living their best lives. Like my one client, who after months of relationship coaching got engaged!!

I’m all about that action!

my background

I learnt the hard way that following other people's plans for my life doesn’t lead to a happy fulfilling life.

I used to feel directionless in my life, allowing myself to get swayed by the strong personalities around me.

After falling on my face (metaphorically speaking) several times, I threw myself into the world of personal development. 

Years of self-discovery and mindfulness practice have enabled me to live this now very beautiful, intentional life full of love.

"...I know others will benefit from doing this work, whether they want clarity on where to go next or a fresh perspective of how far they've already come." - Sarah C.

"...Tapping/EFT has also been a really unique part of my coaching experience with Zoe, and has made a big difference by personalising the tapping meditation to my specific stressors and anxiety." - Shivani D.

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