Hey, I'm Zoe

I’m here to help you achieve and sustain a fabulous relationship to yourself, so you can enjoy your romantic relationships to the fullest.

Core to me and my work are...






Zoe West's Expertise: The Secret Sauce for Unleashing Relationship Success

Coaching and EFT Tapping

I'm a life and relationship coach in Melbourne.

I take a cognitive, somatic and energetic approach to my work that's all evidence based.

Using a combination of coaching and EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) I support you in reaching your goals effectively.

Learn more about how that combo works in my free mini-course.

While I’m based in Melbourne, in Australia, I offer my services remotely anywhere in the world.

My relationship situation

I’ve been happily living with a long-term partner and plant babies since 2018. Together we have navigated career changes, a move across the world, a global pandemic and new partners.

That's to say, I totally understand the demands that get put on a relationship and the challenges that come with our hectic lives.

Labels & Pronouns

The labels that I currently resonate with are female (she/her), non-monogamous, queer and neurodivergent.

Zoe West, life and relationship coach, standing next to a tall plant laughing.

From Design Diva to Relationship Maestro

Hey there! Let me tell you a little more about my background and expertise.

Get to know who you're trusting to support you with your relationship and personal growth needs.

Personal coach since 2020

I've been a passionate independent relationship coach in Melbourne since 2020, but my experience doesn't stop there!

From design to business to romantic relationships

I have a pretty diverse background, including design, international business, and even working as an Agile Coach since 2019, where I help teams optimise their processes and ways of working.

I love learning!

I'm a firm believer in the power of continuous learning and growth.
That's why I'm always attending workshops, conferences etc. to learn the most effective techniques in relationship coaching and EFT tapping.

All of these experiences have shaped me into the coach I am today, and I'm super passionate about using my knowledge and skills to help you enjoy more love, freedom, and personal growth.

People's Experiences with Zoe West Coaching

Shivani - relationship coaching Australia client

Shivani (Australia)

"Why I’ve really benefited from working with Zoe is because she is non-judgemental - she really holds the space for you to work through what you’re feeling and thinking, being patient and calm.

She has helped me step into my feminine flow and into my body more, and it’s this work that has made the biggest shift for me in dealing with my relationship and life anxiety.

Tapping/EFT has also been a really unique part of my coaching experience with Zoe, and has made a big difference by personalising the tapping meditation to my specific stressors and anxiety."

Photo of Ramya - 1 on 1 online coaching client

Ramya (India)

"Tapping certainly is powerful and transformational. It made me confront the disturbances that was indeed distressing.

Zoe mediated extremely well between 'Myself' and 'The obstacles'.Her statements were strong and substantial. The shift is so real.

She creates a wonderful space for sharing feelings and encourages to talk freely. Thank You"

Photo of Lottie - 1 on 1 online coaching client

Lottie (United Kingdom)

"Zoe's tapping recording has really helped me. Her voice is so calming & friendly!

Her statements really hit home for me & really voiced my fears & issues. It's like she was in my head & knew exactly what to say!

I felt much calmer & grounded after using the recording & felt my stress levels around the subiect drop. Thanks Zoe!"

Coaching client photo

Stéphanie (Australia)

"Zoe is really attentive and provides a safe and nice space to help you and really listens.

She supported me during a really hard time and gave me tips and inspirational tools that helped me view things differently.

I would definitely recommend her services."

Why I became a coach and EFT tapping practitioner

Fitting into boxes never really worked for me, so I took the bold leap to step off the proverbial ‘escalator’. I stopped trying to follow the social script for life.

What I wanted was to feel loved while maintaining a sense of freedom to explore life and keep evolving.

In time I discovered a way to live my life and love in a way that reflects my best self, my values and my needs. What exactly that looks like though, will continue to evolve.

That balance of love and freedom is something I strive to share with others. I want to have a real impact on people’s lives and not just impact a company’s bottom line.

And so I delved into the world of life and relationship coaching. Later, in my constant pursuit of personal growth, I came across EFT tapping.

I loved tapping for myself and wanted to share this powerful method with you, so I got certified as an EFT tapping practitioner.

Things I'm proud of

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Leaving my home base in Switzerland to explore the world on my own at 17

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Getting certified in EFT Tapping to be an even better coach and deliver greater, faster outcomes to my clients

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Studying design and using those skills practically every day. Like designing and building this very website.

Graduation cap icon

Switching gears completely and completing a Bachelor in International Business and Management

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Becoming an Agile coach, consultant and trainer through months of self-study

Two people overlapping icon

Following my dreams and studying once again to become a life and relationship coach in Melbourne

Illustration of relationship success for a queer couple.

What I believe as a life & relationship coach

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I believe you can absolutely have a successful career and a successful loving relationship at the same time.

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Your relationship doesn’t have to look any one way - not like your parents’ or a Hollywood rom-com (unless of course that’s what you want).

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We evolve and our relationships need to be able to evolve alongside us.

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Build a strong relationship to yourself first and use that as the foundation for a romantic relationship that is super intentional and works for you.

Relationship coaching is for you if you want...

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To love and be loved while maintaining a strong sense of self and independence

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Your romantic relationship to be something you are grateful for every day

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To feel like a team with your romantic partner, with shared goals and values

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Passion and adventure, but you also want security and stability

Let me help you get there!

Your role in relationship success

build a solid foundation 1st

You keep being your fabulously ambitious go-getter self.

I’ll support you in forging a solid foundation of love, trust and connection first and foremost with yourself.

Whether you want to boost a current romantic relationship or set up future relationships for success, you're going to need a strong foundation to build upon.

So that's what I focus on in my work.

live your best life!

I don't personally believe in blindly following societal scripts or relationship models.

So whether you are monogamous, ethically non-monogamous (ENM), polyamorous or anything else, my stance is: You do you!

As long as it’s what you and your partner/s have consciously chosen and it's serving everyone involved, then heck yes, live your best life!

How I can help you reach relationship success

You’ve probably discovered by now that forging a strong relationship with yourself and others, not to mention sustaining it, isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Although we often expect that we should magically know how do relationships well, that’s not fair - no one ever taught us how!

That’s why I’ve put together these opportunities for you to get the support you & your relationship deserve.

A Peek into Zoe's World

  • I’ve lived in Melbourne since the end of 2019 - great timing I know. I moved here with my Australian partner after having lived in Berlin for 3 ½ years.
  • While I’ve adopted a little bit of an Aussie accent, I’m actually Danish/ European International - it’s complicated.
  • Getting into personal development (perhaps a bit obsessively at times) has helped me learn more about myself so I can live an intentional life that truly works for me.
  • I’m also a massive animal lover, especially big fluffy dogs.
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