Combining life coaching with EFT tapping

Reach your life & relationship goals in less time & with less effort

If reading a book or filling out a worksheet was all it took to change our ways and resolve anything that was bothering us, we’d all be living our best lives. We would have the dream relationship, career and health.

Life Coaching + EFT Tapping Melbourne and Worldwide

Coaching gives us a wonderful framework of support and empowerment to help us realise our dreams. Sometimes what’s been preventing us from manifesting our dreams goes much deeper and further back than we expected.

It’s not always obvious how past experiences affect us now, in fact, it often isn’t, and it’s not conscious or rational. So how can you identify and resolve what’s been holding you back?

That’s where I’ve found the power of combining life coaching and EFT tapping for relationships and beyond, comes into play. A coach can help you articulate your current situation and where you would like to be, and what your dreams are. You might already have some sense of being blocked in your efforts to realise your dreams.

You’ve probably already tried a bunch of things to get unstuck and gotten some helpful insights. That’s great! Life coaching is wonderfully effective in certain situations and I still love the way it empowers you to make the necessary changes in your life.

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Sometimes you need that little bit extra though, and that’s when I’ll bring in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), commonly known as Tapping. Tapping is a mind-body method that combines principles of modern psychology with Chinese acupressure.

It has proven to be incredibly effective for situations ranging from anxiety to trauma, to pain management. The process of tapping helps you uncover deep-rooted experiences or beliefs that have been holding you back.

Tapping involves tapping on specific points on the body's meridians. During the tapping process, we first acknowledge what's causing you discomfort. Once identifies, we can start clearing the things that are holding you back.

After a couple of rounds of tapping, you’ll notice the intensity lower and may even feel a physical shift in your body. Once we’ve significantly reduced the intensity, we tap into the desired beliefs and feelings.

Coaching and EFT Tapping are also just as effective when delivered online! So although I'm based in Melbourne, Victoria, I offer my services worldwide.

Zoe’s tapping recording has really helped me. Her voice is so calming & friendly!Her statements really hit home for me & really voiced my fears & issues. It’s like she was in my head & knew exactly what to say!I felt much calmer & grounded after using the recording & felt my stress levels around the subject drop. Thanks Zoe! - Charlotte

Clients report feeling so much lighter after an EFT Tapping session. It’s like a weight has been taken off them and the original discomfort no longer holds any emotional charge. With this newfound freedom, we can effectively return to coaching. You will be able to take action to realise your dreams and confidently, easily follow through.

The result of this powerful combo is a far bigger, longer-lasting impact. Make your dreams come true in less time and with less effort!

Try EFT Tapping for yourself

Tapping is incredibly versatile and such a great tool to add to your self-care and personal development toolkit. Learn more about the science behind Tapping and follow along with me as I take you through a few rounds of tapping in my free mini-course.

Get personalised support

If you would like a safe space to talk about relationships, sex and life’s challenges, reach out. I welcome all gender expressions and relationship styles. You won’t need to explain your life to me.

I can help you take your relationship to the next level. Together we will clear any thoughts or beliefs that have been keeping you stuck.

Simply book a free 15 minute discovery call with me to get started*. Free Discovery Call

*The link will take you to a form where you can briefly share your situation and what you would like support with. Once you’ve submitted it, I’ll reach out to schedule a quick video call. Hope to see you soon!

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